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Cheeky’s Travels

We have a little ‘Cheeky’ monkey who is hoping to go on lots of holidays and  great adventures in the near future with some of our children.

This is a fun way to help the children learn about different places, cultures and how other people live, as well as developing their listening and communication skills.

The children will take ‘Cheeky’ with them on their holidays or look after him for a few days at home so he can meet their families. They will be keeping a diary of all their adventures, which will include photographs so we can see what fun he’s been having.

‘Cheeky’ already has holidays booked so please keep watching to see what he gets up to.

If anyone is interested in ‘Cheeky’ coming to them for a visit I would be more than happy to send him to you as long as you look after him, keep him warm and safe and return him back to us with his adventure story.

If you would like to add your name to Cheeky’s mailing list please email me by clicking here.

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