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My aim at Cheeky Monkeys Childminding is that all the children who are in my care are happy and safe and have a fun and enjoyable experience.

I will provide a safe and happy place for children where they can learn, grow and have fun!!

Parents will be assured that their child will be stimulated, well cared for and happy. It is important to me that parents can leave their most treasured possessions knowing that they are in safe hands and are having a very positive, enjoyable experience.

My values are that every child should be inspired and encouraged to achieve the best of their abilities and to expand their natural skills. They will also be encouraged to develop physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and communicatively.

My childminding practice will ensure that all the children will be given the chance to develop positive attitudes to differences of race, culture, gender, language and ability.

Opportunities will be provided for the children to explore their own culture and other people’s cultures. They will develop a strong self-image and a sense of belonging by gaining knowledge and understanding of their own culture and background.

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